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House Meet House (every first sunday!)

Elke eerste zondag van de maand organiseert danser Nkosi Matondo een leuke en laagdrempelige get-together met de focus op House dance in Area 51. Er is geen wedstrijd-element aan gekoppeld; gewoon jammen, leren, uitwisselen, en simpelweg plezier maken met elkaar.

About House Meet House:

“It’s a Place where the Housedance Community can come together and share there passion for the dance and Music!
Also to allow everyone to grow in their dance and feel accepted by all who come to join.

The last but not least, to share your Love for Music and Dance so all can connect!

What is the Concept:
Every First Sunday of the Month there will be a different Live DJ, sharing there love for Music while experimenting with the different sounds of House! For 2 amazing hours we will be entertained by these beautiful DJ’s and besides that…

There will be moments of Interaction with the dancers, exchanging knowledge, moments of Jamming “Cyphers”, also the place and space to express yourself while dancing!


We hope this grow that there is a safe, and amazing space where DJ and Dancers meet up to share there Love for Music and Dance! Also to have the Housedance Community coming together over the whole world starting first in the Netherlands.

Last thing to say:
Lets dance more and make Love, so we may inspire to be inspired or visa versa!”