UC Theatre Night

20.00 – 22.30 @ Natlab Eindhoven

An Urban Theater experience. Part of the EMOVES Urban Culture festival on the 10th and 11th of June. Expect a soulful mix of urban dance styles: popping and house dance , music and spoken word.

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The UC Theater Night is presented by the EMOVES own UC MASTERS department, a talent development program for the Dutch urban top talents. The theater night presents a glimpse into the hard work and projects of the masters, a sample of their upcoming, as well as the current projects. The Masters are accompanied by guest performances by the friends of EMOVES.

OPENING – The Shady Siblings : Adapt
Shahin Damka en Nina Dumoulin are both urban dancers specialized in an iconic ballroom style: Waacking. Shahin and Nina, as duo The Shady Siblings both have an ambition to take the dance style to a more performative and artistic level. Adapt is their second short performance.

UC MASTERS SNEAK PEEK – Terence “Machete” Van Lange : The Owl
Terence is a crossover artist with roots in Urban dance styles: breaking, house dance and popping. However, he is also an event MC and aspiring poet and writer. Terence is an autodidact who pursues his dream of becoming both writer and a crossover maker.  His solo piece Owl is a reminiscence about nostalgia, the past, living in the present and longing for the future.
This piece is made possible by the Stark Raving Mad project by Leanne Carlisle

Monique Hendriks 
Monique is a creative writer, performer and filmmaker, and winner of the National Poetry Slam 2021. Her work varies from poetry-shorts to audio-experiences and theatrical concepts. She will cite some pieces from her work ‘Post-pandemisch Dating Advies’ [ed: Post-pandemic dating advice].

Fons Kint
Fons is a soul singer and composer  who performs under the stage alias Fons & de Fonzarellies. Fons roots are based in writing comedy and hip hop but he found himself more inspired to write personal, raw, sometimes funny and mostly timeless songs. During the UC night he will perform three acoustic songs with the guitarist Nick Mbjaia from his Vintage Soul mixtape. 

Jody Gijsendorpher
Is a dancer, choreographer and filmmaker. Jody is busy with a transition to a more deep and thorough understanding of filmmaking and everything around it. Jody is following a script writing course as well as researching dance in the context of cinematography. Her short video clip is a scene from an ongoing project Fight or Flight for which she is script writer, choreographer and director. 

Alesya Dobysh: Possessed
Is a Russian born dancer and choreographer with a background in urban dance. She is a pioneer and one of the major contributors of the house dance culture. Alesya is an active dance researcher and innovator combining her urban dance knowledge with more conceptual and experimental art work. Possessed is a duet with het crew mate Marina Pravkina. The duet is a physical journey into abstraction in meaning and deconstruction of footwork patterns from urban dance and jazz. This duet will be featured during the prestigious RIDCC competition in Rotterdam later this year. 

Bram “Baroem” Wildenburg is a photographer who finds his way in the raw and the underground. He investigates the hidden scenes of graffiti, bondage and tattoo artistry with his analogue cameras. During the festival Baroem will show a sample of his upcoming photography project about his trip to Ukraine during the war.   

CLOSING ACT – Planet PopN Showcase
Planet PopN is an international dance competition in the urban dance genre of  popping. This genre gained its initial popularity in the mid eighties of the twentieth century by the countless features in video clips and adaptations by the likes of Michael Jackson and other big American pop stars. Nowadays the style has become a strong and global culture with its own events, legends and pioneers. Planet PopN is an initiative of Eindhovens own popping pioneer Jing Wang and the French pioneer Delphine “Dey Dey” Nguyen. The competition will take place on the 11th of june on the Ketelhuisplein. Tonight they give a sneak preview of their event with a freestyle performance by the international judges panel who will take you on a journey through the incredible artistry of popping.