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The place to be for Tricking and Freerunning: Commit040

Commit040 is the brand new freerun and tricking training hall where these two disciplines have come together.

Tricking, also called Martial Arts Tricking, is the formal name of a type of Martial Arts that also features a wide range of gymnastics and gymnastics influences. It originated from Martial Artforms (Kata, Taolu and more). Sports such as karate, Capoeira, Taulo, Wushu, Kata, Tae Kwon Do, integrated gymnastics techniques, breakdance and similar disciplines. Examples of integrated techniques are the 540 kick of Taekwondo, the butterfly twist of Wushu and the back somersault of gymnastics. The sport focuses on the creation of “a unique combination of flips, kicks and rotations (kick, flips and twists)”. Tricking differs from the comparable disciplines mainly in the fact that expression and exploration are preferred within the discipline. An individual who practices Martial Arts Tricking is also called a tricker.

Freerunning is a mix of parkour and street acrobatics. Did you know that parkour started as an escape technique developed by the French army in the 1950’s? Soldiers were trained to overcome obstacles as quickly as possible. This eventually went together with acrobatic movements such as flips and cartwheels with influences from dance movements. A good freerunner has mastered techniques from parkour, gymnastics, breakdance, climbing and Martial Arts.

The freerun teachers are happy to pass on their knowledge and experiences to the new generation of freerunners. To get as many people as possible actively acquainted with the sport, Commit040 offers lessons at various locations. These classes are currently taking place in Helmond, Eindhoven and Venray.

By following structural lessons, the participants get to know their own body. The teachers are there to challenge all participants over and over again with different exercises so that boundaries are pushed and confidence is built in everyone’s own abilities. This makes it not only a physical, but also a mental training, so that obstacles in daily life are better dealt with. Please note: the minimum age is 7 years.

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