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Mario Walden about the goal of Perfect Beat Day

Another event worth your attention is going down this Sunday (12.5.) In Dynamo. Perfect Beat Day is a day devoted to electronic music – it’s production, sound technology and much more. Music enthusiasts or all levels are welcome to participate, learn and exchange with each other – workshop for beginners by D-Felix and master class by the music produced Lady Neenah are planned for the day.

The programs highlight is the Perfect Beat Challenge. A competition in which music producers create the perfect beat in time pressure or one hour. We talk with Mario Welden aka Mario Bee, its founder, and organizer, to find out more about it.

Hi Mario! You know well on the Dutch scene as an event organizer, engaging host and as one of the first boys. This year, you are organizing another edition of Perfect Beat Challenge. What was at its beginning? What sparked an idea for this event?

Hi! Well, around 2011 there was a problem in the scene. Many bboys and bgirls were posting videos or themselves dancing on social media. However, the music got muted because of the copyrights. As a response to that, I saw more and more bboys and dancers creating their own music. That’s when I saw the opportunity to make something out of it. I turned on the platform I had, the IBE. My initial idea was to organize the competition for dancers who were creating their own beats to dance to. That was the idea.

I didn’t know that! The perfect beat challenge is nowadays open to all music producers to join. Right?

That’s right. Because we didn’t want to “discriminate” nobody, the registration for the first edition was open to everyone. It blew up. The first edition already had 20 producers participating from all over Europe. Since then we do qualifiers all over the world with the final during IBE in Herleen.

There’s no doubt the event is doing great. What’s your personal goal with the Perfect Beat Challenge?

I come from a dance background. When I was breaking, I was traveling to the states to learn from the pioneers and I with amazing hospitality and generosity. The dance scene is usually more united, more open for sharing and exchanging. I would like to bring this to the music scene in the Netherlands as well. The goal is to have all the producers, beginners and advanced, behind one table to share, exchange and talk. That’s why you should all come this Sunday to Dynamo, for the Perfect Beat Day starting at 1:00 PM. In the end, we all always struggle with the same things and we can learn from each other a lot.

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