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Alvin Arthur: “We put our energy into curating quality”

Earlier we introduced the Eindhoven-based House The Vibe collective: Alesya Dobysh explained how they want to revive the image people have of ‘the club’. On Saturday September 5th, during the introduction camp of Design Academy Eindhoven Master students, they can finally organize a party again in the parking lot of the Subbar. Alvin Arthur will inform you about the how and why, and how that fits within all Corona measures.

“Normally in Plan B we could make it last until 6:00 am,” says Alvin, “but due to the Corona measures we have to stop at 2:00 am.” In addition, there is a limit to the number of people that can be admitted and visitors are assigned a marked area on the floor. Alvin does not believe that these restrictions need to get in the way of a good experience: “Things are happening online, but there is currently a great lack of human contact. The fact that we come together, even at five feet, makes such a huge difference. It is not a problem that it is on a small scale. We want to show that we care about the physical. In addition, it is not about chasing money or being obsessed with scaling up for us; we put our energy into curating quality.”

In addition to its own dancers and DJ’s, the House The Vibe collective brings a special guest every edition. This time it is the Eindhoven based Habib: “He’s not very active on social media and therefore not very well known, but he is a great DJ. He plays both vinyl and digital turntables. We invited him before and he’s always very well received. He has a great mix of well-known flavors and unknown gemmes.”

Before the doors open to the public at 21:00, a private program will take place for students of the Design Academy. “We want to immerse these folks in the club experience and we have put together a rich program for this with dancers, visuals, music and a MC.” And this club experience, Alesya said earlier, is not about alcohol and drugs: “Our audience consists largely of dancers, who understand that. The energy spreads among the audience,” Alvin explains. “You can get high from dancing, that experience is very important.”

DAE x House The Vibe | 05-09-20 | Subbar (Plan B)
Line-up: Alar Motion, Alesya, Vir The Sir a.k.a. Skychief, Habib, MC: Machete