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Alesya Dobysh: “We want to revive the image of the club”

In 2018, the first House The Vibe party took place in a parking lot. That tasted like more. The collective has started to focus on dance events for people who like good underground house music. National and international guests were flown in, music by local producers was released, dance films were screened and there was collaboration with EMOVES, Design Academy Eindhoven, Amsterdam Dance Event, among others. Dancer Alesya Dobysh talks about the developments of the house dance scene in Eindhoven and the role of her collective in it.

Thanks to dance school On the One, Dynamo, House The Vibe and other initiatives by dancers, Eindhoven is becoming a lively house dance city. In the summer months, for example, a group of Eindhoven residents come together every week to dance under the bridge at the Strijps Bultje. “The scene is alive, even if it’s not that big,” says Alesya, part of the House The Vibe organisation core, which also consists of Alvin Arthur, Virgil Skychief and Patricia Hlbocká. “I appreciate having such traditions, so the community grows naturally.”

Preserving and developing that house dance scene was therefore the goal when the House The Vibe collective was founded on the initiative and with the support of On the One: “Eindhoven is rich in talented people and we have to do something with that”, Alesya continues. “We started organizing jams where we could play music (some of us are also DJ’s) and dance together. We practiced together more often, shared our path of growth.”

House dance is rooted in the club culture of New York and Chicago. Characteristic is the social character, Alesya explains: “We are dancers and for us the club experience is the place where we can release and share our artistic energy with others, where we can inspire and uplift each other. In addition, we have a nice time in which we can relax and let go. Equality has always been important in cub culture, as is celebrating your individuality, the physical sensations while you dance, sweat and feel the vibe. Connecting with others, through dance and music.”

These are also the core values ​​that House The Vibe applies to their events: “We want to bring those qualities to the fore in the club experience. We want to breathe new life into the image of the club, which is the opposite of the commercial, on drugs and alcohol-focused presentation of it. We want people to go to the club and feel inspired afterwards!”

To achieve this, House The Vibe likes to work with artists: “We bring art to the club by creating an inspiring atmosphere together with designers, visual artists, music producers and artists. We are open to experimentation and innovation.”

In addition to organizing events, the collective fulfills a platform function: “We also keep the focus on young talents and are ready to help them grow. We share knowledge about house dance history, house music history and cultural knowledge. Before Corona we started with the Living Room Sessions, where we gave dance workshops, showed music and dance-related documentaries, had discussions, and listened to house music.”

The ambitions, Alesya outlines: “Continue, professionalize, grow, experience, be different, create a community of employees and supporters, invite artists from all over the world and organize inspiring festivals, residencies and events.” We will keep you informed of these developments, but here you already have a playlist to bring the House The Vibe vibe into your own home.